APFC Panel, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel, Gujarat, india


APFC Panels

Application: It is installed at the induction load areas where the power factor comes down. Generally installed at Factories, Big Offices, etc. Models & Amps/ Kva Rates: Upto 800 Kvar

    • World advanced Microcontroller Technology is used
    • Auto/Manual selector is available
    • Kvar by Kvar selectable system
    • Stage on LED indications are available
    • Stage to stage capacitor boosting & reconnection intervals; 20 secs delay
    • Panel mountable, serviceable
    • Fully enclosed wall / Floor mountable
    • Working temperature up to 55 degree Celsius
    • Cable entry: Bottom (top optional)
    • Incoming control and total protection of panel with 3pole/ MCCB /ACB
    • Soft relay operation of capacitor –boosting help for smooth power factor
    • Management & avoid sound and disturbances
    • Power & control wiring: by copper multi strand ISI wire
    • Capacitor bank rating:440v/according to your load required KVAR
    • For standard safety on Capacitor efficiency losses, Hunting etc., IEC (International Electric Code) Standards
    • Higher, Healthy PF maintaining (between 0.94-0.99) brings
    • Good quality & Healthy run of your induction load (Motors , Air conditioners, compressors, chokes, etc).
    • It adds life to your, A/C, Tube lights, Compressors, Motor & other loads
    • Off course, great escapes from the penalty from the electricity Board
    • Chance of getting good incentive from the electricity Board
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