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AMF Panel / Automatic Mains Failure Panel

We are a well known company engaged in designing and manufacturing of AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panels that are applicable for managing DG sets. Our panels come with in-built safety features for protecting the Engine & Alternator. The range of our AMF panels are manufactured upto 550 KVA and are fabricated from 14 / 16 SWG thickness, high grade CRCA sheet steel. The use of quality material has made our panels dust & vermin proof. Powder coated for longer life and meticulously wired. Features General

  • A power circuit consisting of contactor, MCB and fuses.
  • Automatic start/stop of the genset in case of AC mains failure and its restoration respectively.
  • Manual start/stop facility also provided


  • Mains Failure: 3-attempt engine cranking after mains failure otherwise the engine fails to start. Engine starts-up within 10 sec of mains failure otherwise 2 more start pulses after every 10-15 seconds.
  • Unhealthy Mains: Any of the phase failure or voltage drops below set value.
  • Mains Restoration: Engine keeps running for 30 seconds before stopping, as recommended by the Engine manufacturer.


  • One Ammeter with CT’s & selector switch, one frequency meter, one voltmeter with selector switch and one hour meter.

Set of indications

  • Load on DG
  • Load on mains
  • Fault indications
  • LLOP
  • High water temp/high cylinder head temp
  • Overload

Set of Push Buttons

  • Engine start/stop
  • Alarm acknowledge button for hooter
  • Reset button for fault indication


  • High water temperature
  • LLOP
  • Overload tri
Battery Charger: A separate battery charger for continuous charging of batteries in trickle/boost mode to ensure prompt starting of the engine.
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